Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You Can Leave Your Hat On

The local knitting guild decided that this year’s knitting exchange would be hats. We exchanged yarn at the last meeting. Everybody is excited and looking forward to the December meeting when get to see each other’s work. I looked at the yarn I was given and I’m starting to get some ideas.

I decided to knit a few hats to get in the mood.

The first hat I knitted was a “Simple Fair Isle Hat”. I knitted it using TLC heather yarns from my stash. It is a fair isle hat in name only as there are only 2 rows where more than one color is worked. Still it is a nice pattern and a good looking hat.

The other hat I knitted was based on the mathematical Fibonacci sequence. I knitted this hat using Lion Brand Wool-Ease. I think the numerical sequence created a pleasing pattern of stripes. I’ll be using the Fibonacci sequence later on a sweater that I going to knit with Araucania Blue and Orange Nature Wool.

I like knitting hats; they’re quick and easy.

Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me

5 September 2005

Well, I didn’t quite make my deadline. I had all the pieces knitted the night before the first day of AnimeFest. But I still didn’t have the sections sewn together and all the loose ends weaved up. And for some reason, I thought it would be nice to get some sleep before working registration. Go figure.

As always, I had a good time at con. I visited with some old friends and made a few new ones. I saw some good anime, spent way too much money, and did a lot of people watching. I am always amazed by the amount of work people put into their cosplay. I snapped quite of few shots, which can found in my Flickr account.

A large number of Fire and EMT personnel heading out to New Orleans to help with the post-Katrina relief efforts were bivouacking in the hotel where the convention was held. Units from as far as Denver were there. The con staff was nice enough to allow these hardworking men and women to enter the dealers’ and video room for free while they were waiting to be shipped off.

That evening, when I got home I started sewing. I took longer than I expected. It was 2AM before I finished weaving in the last loose end and dragged my tired butt off to bed.

But it was worth it. I got some real nice comments. And as I made Kumo in cotton it was nice and warm, which was fortunate as they keep the video rooms cold enough to hang meat. Granted due to the usual hot, humid Texas summer weather, I had to take it off when I went outside.